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Today, August 27, we will (hopefully) be pulling into Louisiana, MO to dock just below the riverfront area about 200 feet south of the Lion’s Club gazebo. If you’re in the area, come on down and take a tour!

We hope to do some community service in town, possibly a mural. Big thanks to the town officials for making this docking space possible.


The rafts are currently docked in Hannibal and moving on to Louisiana, MO next. We want to offer a huge thanks to the Hannibal Parks Department, the Hannibal Boat Club (especially Bow and Dell!), the Quincy Boat Club for offering us safe harbor from the tornado (especially Captain Ron and Marty and the gang that welcomed us!). Thanks to Shelley, (A’yen’s mom) for these pictures!

Lisa and A'yen at Turtle Island on the Garden of Bling

Lisa and A’yen at Turtle Island on the Garden of Bling

The Garden of Bling in the tornado

The Garden of Bling docked at the Quincy Boat Club when they gave us space to dock to escape the tornado

Mark Twain's Boyhood Home

Mark Twain’s Boyhood Home in Hannibal, MO

Jenny on parade in Hannibal, MO

Jenny on parade in Hannibal, MO

Our new friend Grace from Hannibal, MO on parade with us

Our new friend Grace from Hannibal, MO on parade with us

Corey Vinegar and A'yen on parade in Hannibal

Corey Vinegar and A’yen on parade in Hannibal


One of the Armada members, Tod Seelie, has put up a gallery of photos from the earlier part of this year’s voyage. You can see them here:

Miss Rockaway Armada 2007 photos

Another visitor to the raft, Angela Coppola, has a wonderful set of images from her visit on her flickr account here:

Blue Cinema’s Miss Rockaway Armada on Flickr



Our next stop after leaving Keokuk and crossing over our next state line into Missouri was originally planned as Canton, Missouri. But, we received an amazing offer from Boon, owner of the Purple Cow tavern in Alexandria, Missouri, to dock, take warm showers and pick wild black cherry tomatoes. We took a day to bask in the breeze, and took off late the next day for Canton. However, wind and river swells caused some damage to our splash guard and skiff, and we decided to camp on the river a few miles after leaving Alexandria. Finally on the third day of aiming for Canton, weather and our motors agreed with one another and we had a beautiful 15 mile day of traveling.

We arrived in Canton last night and docked just after locking through Lock and Dam #20. We wont be doing a show here, unfortunately, because we are working on props and a script for a new performance that we hope to be ready to perform in Quincy or Hannibal.

Thanks again to Boon and Carver, and everyone else who has shown us incredible hospitality during our trip down river!