Video by Tod Seelie.


With the summer of 2011 upon us, the Miss Rockaway Armada has begun our next and perhaps most ambitious non-river-traversing project. For the following summer months, the MRA will be living and creating in Philadelphia with the gracious help and support of the Philadelphia Art Alliance and the Pew Center for the Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative.

“Let Me Tell You About a Dream I Had: Miss Rockaway Armada is an innovative new art installation created by the nationally renowned Miss Rockaway Armada opening September, 2011. The nontraditional exhibit will feature a flotilla of several sculptural elements composed entirely from recycled and salvaged materials that parade from the Schuylkill River to various destinations throughout the city during the summer before being deconstructed into an exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Alliance (251 South 18th Street on Rittenhouse Square).”
— Philadelphia Art Alliance

To follow our progress and check out announcements for upcoming events, please check our project-specific website: http://rockawayatpaa.com. We’ll also be contributing photos to our flickr stream for the project here. And you can find the project on the facebook here.



52nd & Media St.
(painters: anna ialeggio, arielle bier, robyn hasty, greg kalliche, charles buckets, luke bouschee)
SPONSORS: city of philadelphia department of human services, the surdna foundation
PARTNERS: the generous staff at Conestoga Playground, Mastery Charter School, & Southwest Community Enrichment Center
Andre Choney, Charles McNeil, Chuquese Howard-Hughes, Dante Gibbons, King Daryll, Dejah Vincent, Hannah Hassett, Jazmine Smith, Jemille Edwards, Jevon Edwards, Jirah, Lamech Allain,Maya Lee, Miles Lee, Dimonique Bautista,  Anthony Dixon,  Anthony Evans Jr, Tatiana Hall,  Jessica Mason, Ryan Mason, Brenea Mitchell, Gabrielle Mitchell, Jerrel R. Mitchell, NiJae Mitchell, Anita Pacheco, Kyree Richardson, Nyah M. Tucker, Khaleel Walker, Mahsaan S. Wearing, Niziyah White, Anthony Woodlock II

This mural was completed during the summer of 2010 as a pilot with PMA’s Big Picture program.  Thanks to BASEKAMP (for the hospitality and workspace), PHILLY MURAL ARTS (for everything!), OUR GENEROUS SPONSORS (for making this and other programs like it possible), OUR AMAZING STUDENTS (for your sticky fingers and the stars in your eyes)!!

Videos, pictures, animated gifs at solointomtoms .

… like greg said: “we done! what we doin’ now?”

MRA would like to announce our 2011 Philadelphia Mural Arts commission!  Bigger, badder, messier, sloppier!  We can’t wait… we’ll see you there!

Leaving y’all for now with this important message from our sponsors.


(photos from the opening of the Miss Rockaway Armada’s installation at Stroomhuis in Eindhoven, as part of the show “Heartland” at the Van Abbemuseum, full gallery here)

– Riding down the Dommel river in Eindhoven as dusk turned to night on one of the three boats made by some of the crew for the installation.
– Tattoo artist Brian Kelly set up shop in the printmaking studio at Stroomhuis during the opening. A handful of the crew got some new ink. One of our group didn’t have any money or anything to trade, so he offered up part of his leg to let Bryan practice with a new super-wide fill needle.
– We’ve had a really great experience here in Eindhoven, but were a bit put off by how rude some of (very drunk) guests were at the opening. From tagging on some of the paintings, to badgering one of our performers off the stage, and even one guy who was having some inappropriate-touching problems with our female crew members. We were kind of hoping Mr. Touchy-Feely would come back the second night so we could tackle and hogtie him.
– Some of the installation getting wrecked by drunken craziness on the opening night, including the giant sign from the Van Abbemuseum we had outside.
– Mike and John getting wasted and busting out some crazy freestyling for a good half an hour (see video below).
– Waking up one morning and finding a giant wok full of full lobsters. They were from the night before and were all cold and fishy, but whatever. Lobster is lobster.
– Part of the installation was a small diamond cave inside a treasure chest with a huge caveman SpongeBob Squarepants. It also was a very cozy bedroom and effective hot-box.
– It’s interesting to have helped build an installation with such varied parts as: a bar, a stage, a shadow puppet screen, two crows nests, a paper chandelier, a chapel, a cave, a dragons tail, and even a merch table.
– Wrapping up the opening weekend with a movie + pizza night in the installation. We piled a bunch of cot mattresses on the floor with blankets and watched movies projected on the shadow puppet screen.It was cold in there, but everyone was all on top of each other so it was fine. Spons brought us curly fries too. And shwarma pizza kinda sucks, by the way.

Miss Rockaway Armada floats their boats in front of the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven.

Jonathan Kaiser from Dark Dark Dark perfoming at Stroomhuis in Eindhoven.

Dark Dark Dark performing at the Miss Rockaway Armada opening at Stroomhuis in Eindhoven.

Dark Dark Dark performing with Rebecca at the Miss Rockaway Armada opening at Stroomhuis in Eindhoven.

John and Mike’s drunken freestyling at Stroomhuis in Eindhoven.