The Armada:

We’re building this boat entirely from salvaged materials. Wood dumpstered and begged from construction sites, buckets of screws donated by kind crew members, rope found on the sidewalk, and blocks of foam from both coasts.

The basic construction is pretty simple. Three 20 foot-long pontoon rafts tied together the long way. Each raft is has two pontoons filled with foam and are held together by cross-braces:

miss rockaway armada: drawing

The basic design of our raft is inspired by the Floating Neutrinos. Here are some photos of their raft Vilma B:

Our engines are a work of genius (thanks Chicken and Anton!): 2 Volkswagen Rabbit diesel engines converted to run on waste vegetable oil (used fryer grease!) will power the propellor. The motors will have an alternator from a police car that’ll keep our deep cell batteries charged (so we can have things like lights).

We’re assembling all the components of the raft in New York and building the motors in California. Then we’re transporting the whole mess to Minneapolis where we’ll put it together.