Hello friend of Miss Rockaway Armada! Wondering how you can help our improbable cause? Below is a running list of stuff we need. If you’re able to donate any of these items to us, please get in touch! Don’t fell intimidated by the fancy stuff on this list,whatever you donate is awesome. We list the fancy stuff too, cause you never know who has a random MIG welder lying around! Thank you all so much!!!!

Marine diesel motors (so we can convert them to run veggie grease and run biodiesel)
– 30-75 horsepower gas-powered backup engines for when our motors break down. they don’t need to be new, they just need to run ok! we also need diesel motors!

– Paid speaking engagements!
– Diesel engines (marine, outboard, inboard, or otherwise)
– Trolling motors
– Volkswagon Rabbit CV joints (1978-80)
– Alternator (for 1978-80 volkswagen rabbit)
– Two-cycle outboard engine oil
– Deep-cycle batteries (working)
– Rope/Line (braided nylon)
– Vehicles to borrow (run errands)
– DRILLS!!! (cordless and corded)
– Waterproof bags
– F – VHF radio
– Walkie-talkies
– Rain gear
– kerosene lamp oil (or any lamp oil)
– anchor tackle
– tarps
– paint brushes
– chains

– sponges / steel wool
– toilet paper
– castille soap
– eco-toilet solution
– clothes pins

– food (fruits, vegetables, rice and grains; enough for 20 people)
– cooking oil
– vinegar
– olive oil
– chocolate
– spices
– sharp knives
– Beans
– Cereal/granola
– Soy milk
– Tabacco
– Whiskey, beer & rum (cause we’re pirates, after all)
– mortar & pestle

– Art supplies (silk screening, paint brushes, paint, paper, markers, etc)
– bike parts (back wheels, tires, seats, posts)
– Parasol/decle umbrella
– Antlers

– mic cables (xlr – xlr)
– mic stands
– mix cd’s
– ipod charger
– guitar strings
– musical instruments (esp. hand percussion)
– video camera

-laptop for radio station (apple would be great)

-MIG welder!

-2000 watt inverter (4000 surge)

-16 channel audo mixer!

-air compressor

-first aid supplies

-tefla pads

-non latex band-aids

-nitrile gloves

-medical tape

-golden seal




Places to have shows along the Mississippi!!

Thank you all again!!!