Dark Dark Dark performing in the backyard.

Backyard campfire.

Long Gone Gabe heats it up on his guitar.

Wendell and Laura cut a rug.

Fire-lit artist’s housing.

Friends help injured Mike Boushee make it up the hill to the picnic.

Daredevil Marshall on the not-so-natural not-such-a-bridge.

Kevin Caplicki strikes it GQ-style.

Luke Boushee savors the view.

George communes with the Universe.

Just in case we may have given the impression we were all work and no play up at Mass MoCA, here are a few photos from our one day off (the day AFTER the opening) spent up at the natural land bridge in North Adams, and photos and a video from our backyard BBQ.

Here’s a video Dark Dark Dark performing at the same backyard BBQ as in the photos above: