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liquor and ice cream to benefit us on saturday. slurp.

[update: this went great! we made a good chunk of cash but there’s still a ways to go!]

scale models and chipotle.

Last night a bunch of us got together to build scale models of out of balsawood, rope, foam, and hot glue! It floated, albeit a little lopsidedly, in the bathtub Mississippi. Things are coming together.
look at us working.

1st model pontoon
bathtub launch. christened with hot sauce.

do your homework or we’re pushing you overboard the ev on thursday

hehehe. i won’t really push you overboard.

but in case you forgot your homework, jeff has reminded you:


Contact people in your committee. Contact people in the committee you want to join. Research. Plan a fundraiser. Start to acquire things. Acquiring things now helps us figure out problems and helps us save
money. This week, for example, i got rope, tape, plastic bins, and contractor bags. Erica started collecting umbrellas for a canopy. If we start now we save later.

we need a name like a snail needs a shell

everyone is sending a’yen 3 names this week. here were some goodies and some sillies from our last brainstorm. jeff slipped in “the good ship impossible” at the end of his minutes.



:::Todd Chandler:

rickety splinter
driftwood mutiny

:::Shelby Medical Genius:

the good ship impossible

riff raft


miss rockaway
the perpetual mutineers sing songs of paradise
the queen jallopy pop

:::Wendell Wah:
Spirit of the Fung Wa[h]
Murdock’s stinky sinky fun fun Boat
Old man melon’s skirty retrieval carvel

1. the Curse of Lono
-referencing the travels of captain Cook, and the brilliant real life dissertation of Hunter Thompson’s concerning american imperialism

2.the Miss Anthropic
-play on words. Look for it

3. rAfTonomy, RaFTonomy, R(a)ft(onomy)
-I dunno somesuch shit as that


The Perpetual Mutiny

:::Tod (One D) Seelie:

Junk Armada


Fools Ark


Lady Mutiny

The Institute for Aquatic Glee

The Aquatic Joy Ensemble


I like showboat, junk finn and truck.


ne’er do wrong raft craft
500 fingers in the soup
great big explosion
fireworks in the belly of the river
river bellied bastion
monster city impossible
35 smiles and 10 miles a day
pancakes & barrels
fuck marine ply
mermaids use rafts from the river to the sea
magnificient mississippi maximum manium
bathtub sized bachelorette party

:::David Hyde

1. The rising tide
2. Without a paddle
3. Shit boat

:::Harrison of ne’er-do-well formatting

“the name for ‘this monstrosity'(which is a good one):
1) A Salutary Dream
2) Meteor du Bioremediation
3) Mach Twain
4) Thirsty (ie. “oh her…she’s Thirsty”)
the ‘people’ it’s carrying: if anyone asks what we are… i think we should tell them we’re ticklish. (see what ensues) and what we are trying to do: find atlantis (and then of course explain in explicit detail exactly what that entails) and we’re going to need a navigator to navigate the space between dreaming and awake. oh and my favorite from the list of already existing names is: the good ship impossible. or junk finn�?

From the brainstorm:

floating disaster
sea monster
riff raft
the queen jalopy
galumphing mass
fools ark
quesadilla flotilla
ship of fools
fung wah
holy, holy glory hole (or other super suggestive puns that make fun
of god or midwest morality)
junk finn
economy foam and futon
the spirit of [something here]
junk armada
{something] hooligans