making up for lost photos…

These photos are from the last few chapters of 500 Fingers in the Soup
(aka the Miss Rockaway Armada’s 2006 Invasion…)

Kristina & Stephen.
Our friends and co-conspirators.
Stephen is an amazing barker and crowd riler.
Kristina is the backbone of the Door Raft, the auxiliary craft that lives on.

attractive friends.jpg

the Bow & Front Fish Skeleton after a deep cleaning…

clean fish .jpg

“…and now the man who lives inside the explosion & the biggest little rascal we know…”



fire pole & sky.jpg

Marshall LaCount.
Nick Bindbeutel.
Mississippi Queens.
handsome boys.jpg

We became known on the river as the… ahem… Naked People.
When it got too chilled to roll nude we made it a point to wear costumes.
This is outside of the Quad Cities on one of our last moments underway.
Hot Pants Epic.jpg

there are more… we’ll be setting up a flickr page or something and we’re sure individual crew members will do the same, some already have