From Manhattan to Minneapolis

We loaded up the bus and trailer, lashing and screwing on everything that we could carry. At about 11am, we all piled on and, with Chicken John at the wheel, drove out of town. Pedestrian jaws were dropping at the sight of the bus rolling down Canal Street. We drove across the Manhattan bridge, leaving the city behind…

Iris and Brandy by the bus

About to roll out of town

Harrison showers Canal Street with love

10 minutes into Brooklyn, the wheel fell off the trailer and bounced down the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Eventually, we got everyone and the broken trailer to safety, at Todd’s house in Red Hook.

Broken down under the Brooklyn Bridge.

We stayed in Red Hook for the next 30 hours. The time was spent packing and unpacking the trailer, problem solving, driving to Deleware to pick up new axles for the trailer, fixing the trailer, dumpstering food supplies, and enjoying ice cream.

We got of of Brooklyn around 11pm on Monday night and hit the road to Minneapolis.