Full Moon in Lansing

The barges that navigate up and down the river are quiet and huge and kinda scary sometimes. It’s like they have their own field of gravity around them; they will suck you under and run you over if you get too close– even in a boat the size of ours. At night the barges shine these crazy bright spotlights to help them see the buoys and other boats. They often blind us when we’re half asleep. But, this time, just outside of Lansing, Iowa, we saw it coming. We were sitting around the campfire when the dark corridor of trees began to glow from the light of an oncoming barge. We all ran over to our boat and lined up on the port side as the barge drew closer. Just as it was passing us and about to turn its light our way, we turned our backs to it and dropped our pants. Yeah, that’s right– we mooned a barge.