Minneapolis is amazing. Everyone here has been super nice to us and we’re loving this town.
It’s great to finally be here and we’re staying right on the river. People have lived on this river for years and floated down it for just as many. From Huck Finn to all the boat punks, to the Floating Neutrinos, we’re following in some pretty amazing footsteps. We have a lot to learn and want to thank folks for sharing their knowledge and experiences– and for being excited about this project.


We got here just a couple of nights ago and so much has happened. We registered the raft, acquired our auxilliary/scout/emergency motor boat that we’ll be towing behind us, unloaded all the pontoons, got all of our foam, set up our workspace, and rode bikes (thanks Black Label MN!!) to see crew member Chloe play fiddle with the magical Old Scratch Revival Singers on Friday night.

We’re staying on John and Phil’s property and they have massively hooked us up. We’re right on the water. There’s a tree house and a magic fairy castle and houseboats…even a trampoline. We’ve been swimming and working and swimming and roasting in the sun. There’s a lot of work to be done in the next few days.

John’s backyard

New boat!

Pushing pontoons downhill to the shore.