***QUAD CITIES: Miss Rockaway needs a home for the winter!***

Anyone in Quad Cities want a winter guest?

The guest is about 3 months old and about sixty feet long and twenty feet wide. She’s very beautiful and made mostly of wood and foam. Her name is: Miss Rockaway!

We’ve decided to do some work on the raft, pull it out of the water, take a break for the winter, and resume in the Springtime. There’s so much left to do and so much river…and we want to do it right. The journey is just beginning.

So, we need a place where we can lift the boat on to the shore and store it there for a bunch of months. The boat is 60×20. If you have the waterfront space in Quad Cities or know someone who does please contact us!

The Miss Rockaway Armada

Note: We’ve found a home for the rafts at Ducky’s Lagoon! See details here.