Callie on parade

Callie in the parade through Muscatine

The crowd in Muscatine

The crowd in Muscatine!

Nick on the pennyfarthing bike

Nick rides the pennyfarthing bike of the Muscatine bike shop.

Anna, Love is a battlefield

Anna on parade in Muscatine

The show in Muscatine

The show!

A few repairs

Just a few repairs on the Kirksville raft in Oquawka.


Our home away from home in Oquawka.

The Garden of Bling sails to Burlington

We’ve just had the most amazing show to date in Muscatine with a roaring crowd of what seemed like 300 folks! We made it through 2 really bad storms with sustained 60 mile per hour winds and the boats made dit through fine. We’ve passed through and had the most wonderful welcome from New Boston where the campground let us shower and we taught the kids to ride tall bikes. The Miss Rockaway pulled up last night in Oquawka to reunite with the Garden of Bling, the Bird in My Heart (storyboat) and I left My Heart in Kirksville, the paddlewheel raft. Oquawka, where the elephant Norma Jean died and was buried right where she stood, is a town of really sweet folks who brought us watermelons and corn and even let us stay at the dock in front of their home (thanks Genevieve Felt!).

Tonight we land in Burlington! We’ll put on a show Sunday night!

Here’s some recent press:

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