Distant glow and the night geese.

Ghost-riding the whip in the parking lot of the Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard gas station.

Swoon’s piece at Ian’s farm.

The beaver dam I brush my teeth next to every night.

So damn cute.

We’ve had a few mishaps (he was okay in the end).

The addition of new work from Swoon on the side of the front raft.

We’ve already had to say goodbye to a few crew members as the summer progresses.

Where a lot of us sleep.

Local photographer and provider-of-pickup-truck Dennis photographing Ayen on her boat.

Sometimes life’s okay.

Where our kitchen at the farm used to be.

Brodie with his steeple for the Garden Of Bling raft.

The Kirksville raft returns after a less-than-successful test run.

Dawn is pretty, even if you’re supposed to be building in three hours.

A little visitor on the raft.

Just some photos to share from the past week or so.