After spending over a month in the Quad Cities building new rafts and modifying the old ones, we are itchy to set our fleet loose on the Mississippi. From the start, this project has not been simply about reaching our destination, but about the impact and interaction between ourselves and the communities that we visit. Last year we spent a few days (or longer) in each of the towns we visited doing workshops (silkscreening, leather working, calligraphy, slackrope walking) and putting on performances. This year our crew has been working on a full length performance, complete with sequins, accordians, marionettes and a Tall Bike joust.

We hope to set sail soon after our performance. But… we are still in need of engines!

Come see “The Big Bug Boat Show” at Ducky’s Lagoon in Andalusia, Illinois.
Saturday, June 16 @ 8 P.M.
Sunday, June 17 @ 3 P.M.