Mass MoCA at night.

John Vanderslice performing in the crowd at Mass MoCA.

Nona and Marshall show a screw who’s boss.

John geared up and ready to go.

The view from our work space. 

We continue to build, having completed phase one (or “lock n’ dam 1” as we have started calling them) which is the base foundation, and are in the middle of lock n’ dam 2 (seating/eating area). Lock n’ dam 3 will be when each of the build crew begins to focus on their specific interests and personal projects. We are still a few days away from that, but definitely on schedule.

Some of the crew were generously allowed to attend the performance by Stephen Malkmus and John Vanderslice at the museum on Friday. Which was also good since we couldn’t work/use power tools during the perfromance (for obvious reasons).

Communal meals and successful scrapping runs keep spirits up, along with everyone seeming to be excited to be here and working with such a great group of people. There have been a few parties thrown by museum interns or other Mass MoCA installation people, and the MRA crew has made a bit of a reputation for themselves in the process (but that’s not really appropriate for the blog).

Here’s a video of Marshall, Nona (of Dark Dark Dark) and Gabe playing a bit for people still working during a meeting break. They will all be performing twice on Saturday, April 12th. During the day at Mass MoCA, and in the evening at Williams College. Flyer below: