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Distant glow and the night geese.

Ghost-riding the whip in the parking lot of the Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard gas station.

Swoon’s piece at Ian’s farm.

The beaver dam I brush my teeth next to every night.

So damn cute.

We’ve had a few mishaps (he was okay in the end).

The addition of new work from Swoon on the side of the front raft.

We’ve already had to say goodbye to a few crew members as the summer progresses.

Where a lot of us sleep.

Local photographer and provider-of-pickup-truck Dennis photographing Ayen on her boat.

Sometimes life’s okay.

Where our kitchen at the farm used to be.

Brodie with his steeple for the Garden Of Bling raft.

The Kirksville raft returns after a less-than-successful test run.

Dawn is pretty, even if you’re supposed to be building in three hours.

A little visitor on the raft.

Just some photos to share from the past week or so.


Photos from perfomances of “The Big Bug Boat Show” by the Miss Rockaway Armada. A larger gallery is here.

We’ve been receiving requests for photos from last year, so here are two galleries:

Gallery 1
Gallery 2


Bonfire at the end of the Earth.

The pre-emptive launching of the Garden Of Bling.

Our humble home.

The young buck reporter, aka the Polaroid Kid.

Charles with his early morning beach-catch.

Ellery’s birthday = lamb and lapdances.

During rehersals for “The Big Bug Boat Show.”

Tall bike jousting practice for “The Big Bug Boat Show.”

Tall bike jousting practice for “The Big Bug Boat Show.”

Waterballon volleyball during “Bike Night” at Ducky’s Lagoon.

Post-perfomance, cows get drunk.

Things have been good, hot, and hectic. We had some brief visitors who were hitching their way to New Orleans. A friendly local who picked them up thought they would be intersted in checking us out, so he brought them over. Otherwise most of the focus has been on the performace. Photos of that tomorrow, I promise.


The beached houseboat some of our crew is squatting, it has a LOT of spiders.

Spiders are not only big here, they are really cool looking too.

The Miss Rockaway Armada surrounded by pleasure boats at Ducky’s Lagoon.

The floating beast herself, and renovations continue.

The inside of the redesigned front raft.

Other rafts under construction.

One of the other rafts.

Our current homebase, Ducky’s Lagoon in Andalusia, IL (but you already knew that).

The view from the back of a pickup truck speeding along full of plants and food.

Brandy and Brodie buried under groceries in the back of the pickup.

A non-functioning truck on Ian’s farm in Rock Island, our starting homebase and a lovely place to spend some time.

An old organ and firearm in the work area on the farm.

Sleeping in this area was not recommended.

Trixie the goat, she likes to eat clothes.

Another of the automotive relics decorating the farm.

Drying the laundry at sunset.

The pile of bikes we eventually repaired to make the Armada land-mobile as well.

This working (and loud) organ is slated to journey down the river on one of the other rafts.

This old trailer was converted into a cozy apartment by Alexis complete with solar powered lights/electricity.

In case you were wondering, the Miss Rockaway Armada is (and has been) hard at work in Andalusia, IL. We have made the transition from Ian’s farm in Rock Island (thank you again, Ian) and are all now at Ducky’s Lagoon, workin’ hard and sweatin’ lots. Ducky’s is a great place to build, probably couldn’t ask for better. There’s port-o-potties, running water, electricity, even a beached houseboat for sleeping in. Sweet deal.

The front and back sections of the raft have been redesigned and rebuilt. The front is much taller and boxier, with closed-in storage towers on each corner and potential bunk space between. The top is a mild arch which holds our new (and seriously improved) rain tarp system. The back has a similar four-corner tower setup, but is much smaller and committed to tools. Engines are being re-evaluated and re-built, and will hopefully be much more reliable this year. The new Story Boat has arrived from Minneapolis, complete with solar panels and electronic trolling motors. Several other rafts are under contruction, including the Garden Of Bling, more on them in a future post.

If you live near the Quad Cities in Illinois or Iowa, please check out our updated wish list. All help is appreciated, and you know where to find us… (Ducky’s Lagoon)

And here’s a little video of some members practicing for the show this weekend over at Ducky’s. Banjos and silos…
Download link 

Okay, back to work. Where’d I put that hammer?