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(Here’s a small peek at the installation to date. We wouldn’t want to spoil it too much, now would we?)

Most of the build crew (plus a friend) outside of Jae’s half-price sushi night.

We are roughly at the halfway point of the installation. From this point on the project will start to divide up into various more personal projects. As this caucaphony begins to build towards its crescendo it should be interesting to see how everything fits and works together. 

Things are looking good though. Just tonight we were able to get the spaceship up into the treehouse successfully. Once we figure out the entrance to the Magic Cave and the. . . er, hmmm. Perhaps I have said too much already. . . 


Mass MoCA at night.

John Vanderslice performing in the crowd at Mass MoCA.

Nona and Marshall show a screw who’s boss.

John geared up and ready to go.

The view from our work space. 

We continue to build, having completed phase one (or “lock n’ dam 1” as we have started calling them) which is the base foundation, and are in the middle of lock n’ dam 2 (seating/eating area). Lock n’ dam 3 will be when each of the build crew begins to focus on their specific interests and personal projects. We are still a few days away from that, but definitely on schedule.

Some of the crew were generously allowed to attend the performance by Stephen Malkmus and John Vanderslice at the museum on Friday. Which was also good since we couldn’t work/use power tools during the perfromance (for obvious reasons).

Communal meals and successful scrapping runs keep spirits up, along with everyone seeming to be excited to be here and working with such a great group of people. There have been a few parties thrown by museum interns or other Mass MoCA installation people, and the MRA crew has made a bit of a reputation for themselves in the process (but that’s not really appropriate for the blog).

Here’s a video of Marshall, Nona (of Dark Dark Dark) and Gabe playing a bit for people still working during a meeting break. They will all be performing twice on Saturday, April 12th. During the day at Mass MoCA, and in the evening at Williams College. Flyer below:


Todd Chandler exploring inside the still-abandoned parts of Mass MoCA.

Down into more decrepitness.

Areas of the still-abandoned sections of Mass MoCA.

Areas of the still-abandoned sections of Mass MoCA.

Areas of the still-abandoned sections of Mass MoCA.

Areas of the still-abandoned sections of Mass MoCA.

Areas of the still-abandoned sections of Mass MoCA.

Areas of the still-abandoned sections of Mass MoCA.

Areas of the still-abandoned sections of Mass MoCA.


View from over the Hoosic River.

View from over the Hoosic River.

Marshall talking over the installation design.

Marshall showing us his monster-man impression.

Kevin carrying cleaned scrap lumber from building 6 to the installation space.

Working late into the night.

View of Fransje Killaars’ installation inside the museum late at night.

The Miss Rockaway Armada has been invited to create an installation at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, MA. We are excited at the opportunity to form something new with the same inspiration and ideas that helped start the Miss Rockaway project back in 2005. There is a crew of MRA members currently at the Museum working day and night on the collaborative project, which will open to the public on Friday, April 18th, 2008.

You can read more about our installation here.

We will also be performing at the Museum and Williams College on Saturday, April 12th, 2008.

The installation will be on view until April, 2009. We will continue to post photos and updates about the installation throughout the process. We hope you enjoy them.


The galley & front raft

Remains: the center raft/galley of the main Miss Rockaway vessel with the modified front raft docked to it.

The initial incarnation of the Miss Rockaway Armada ended it’s voyage in St. Louis, Autumn 2007. Scroll down for photos!

While we don’t currently have plans to continue along the Mississippi river, offshoots and branches of the Miss Rockaway Armada are working on projects on water and land. We’ll keep the website updated when there’s news to report. Please visit our events page for details on a current group art show in New York at Exit Art that Miss Rockaway is participating in. Also rapidly approaching is an installation the crew is building in Massachusetts at MassMoCA. Click here for more info.

If you’re interested in building some rafts and floating down a river, check out this page on our website:


and order the zine The Strange Voyage of Leona Joyce here:

Once landed in St. Louis in a very difficult tow upstream (click here for the full story) the crew decided it was time to return the fleet, or at least large parts of it, to the scrap it came from. We worked day and night at the waterfront to take the rafts apart, occasionally inviting friends to come see the rafts.

The Miss Rockaway coming apart

The Miss Rockaway in St. Louis with the front raft structure dissembled.

Taking down the helm

Crew members and friends helping to take down the helm. 

MRA Flag with Nick on bridge

The cement bridge at Cementland, our landing spot in St. Louis, with crew member Nick. 

Welding the bridge at night

Some kind friends of Miss Rockaway came along and welded some safety railings to the cement bridge. 

Rockaway show!

Soon after there was a show, but this time other people played for us, and we just danced. 

Staying on in St. Louis through the colder months of fall and winter, the Rockaway Crew cleaned up the docking sites.

Team Bling in Wetsuits

Bold members of “Team Bling” as they worked into the cold fall months repairing the now destroyed “Garden of Bling” raft. 


“I Left My Heart in Kirksville” paddlewheel raft during it’s dissembly. 

More photos of Miss Rockaway can be found HERE