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Things are happening!

So much to report…

Motor testing
Sunday seems like ages ago, but there’s so much work to be done and so little time to post. So, Sunday we tested our motor for the first time. There are still some kinks to be worked out, but it’s getting there.

Barrel Bowling
Yesterday some folks from the Barnstormers arrived with a massive art-installation-sound-system in tow. They’re working with Paul the Plumber to build a separate haul-raft that will carry the sound system as well as Paul the Plumber’s bicycle powered ferris wheel! The raft is a barrel raft. This means we had to drag a bunch of 55 gallon barrels down to the worksite. 55 gallon barrels are a lot of fun.

1st Boat floats! This morning we launched the first boat! See the raft page for more details, but basically, the raft is made up of 3 “boats” (two pontoons each). So, what you see below is 1/3 of our main craft. It’ll look much different when it’s done…but it floats!

Lastly, and most recently, at his very moment, the 2nd floor is being raised on the middle raft (the same one that was launched this morning).

Sweet dreams.