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We are now on the river!!

We left Minneapolis and are now somewhere outside of St. Paul. We’re moving slow and steady…about 3mph with breakdowns. (so far we’ve broken down around 5 times!)

More soon…

(video from santiago)

Hot Off the Presses

Today the New York Times published an article about The Miss Rockaway Armada!

Thanks to David Carr and Allen Brisson-Smith who are both total pros and a pleasure to work with.


For the last few days we’ve been tightening screws, testing the engines, and making sure everything is safe and (more or less) solid. Today we shove off!!!

Check the video below for our first test run (by moonlight) with the complete raft (60 ft!) and new steering system. Thanks to Theo for footage.

As we leave we want to send out thanks to the Twin Cities and surrounding area, especially to John, Phil, Isabel, Mary Lee, Dave, Black Label Bicycle Club, Propulsion Associates, Nancy and Janet from Midwest Mountaineering, North Country Cooperative Grocery…and so many more people who extended themselves to a bunch of weirdo strangers who appeared in their town (and backyards). You all have given us so much and have helped to make this project possible. This list will grow in days to come…

Front page news!

This morning the Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article about what we’re up to:

With outboard motors running on cooking oil and a bicycle-powered ferris wheel, the Miss Rockaway Armada, as the group is called, should garner plenty of attention when it stops to perform in small towns along the 700-mile route…read more

They also published a fancy photo gallery.

Also, articles in the

Village Voice,
The Queens Ledger,
and Makezine.